Entire cabin stolen by Oregon thieves

In a puzzling robbery, an Oregon family returned home to find not only their belongings missing, but the walls and roof around them as well!

It is not all that uncommon for mobile homes to be stolen considering they are already outfitted with wheels. But the cabin in question was firmly secured to a foundation, and must have been loaded onto some kind of heavy-duty trailer to be removed from the area.

The brazen caper was somehow pulled off without any witnesses, leaving local police scratching their heads. To be fair, the home was not a permanent residency for the family, who spend most of the year in another dwelling. Still, the house was 1,200 square feet, and had to be ripped right out of the ground before it was carted away by the enterprising thieves.

It is unknown whether the stolen house will be sold for materials, or just transplanted to a new area for its unscrupulous new tenants.

The Klamath County Sheriff’s office has said they are closing in on suspects, but they urge any citizens with extra information to contact them immediately. In the meantime, an ambitious entrepreneur could probably figure out a way to design a new type of house-sized bike lock so a tragedy of this magnitude never happens again.