Warm up with our 3 favourite jerk seasonings

Jerk Chicken

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Cottage Life magazine. 

After a long, long winter, we crave the tongue-peeling, sweat-inducing spice of a trip to Jamaica. Time to warm up to our favourite jerk seasonings. 


Walkerswood jerk sauce

The jar says “Hot and Spicy” and it does not lie. A well-balanced paste; with scotch-bonnet heat tempered by sweet and tart ingredients. 

Wonder Chuck

Jerk Sauce

Savoury and aromatic, with soy sauce under-scoring bright allspice and coriander flavours. Like Walkers-wood, it’s on the salty side. More info: 

PC Memories of Montego Bay

PC Jerk Sauce

The heat builds slowly in this pourable marinade—overall, it’s milder and more tangy than the others.