“Cottaging” the most common term in Ontarian dating profiles

Young couple at the cottage

It’s time to open up the cabin for a spring fling.

According to online dating site, “cottaging” is the most popular term in Ontarians dating profiles.

“Being home to so many lakefront locales, it’s no wonder Ontarians discuss their love of cottaging most often,” said a press release from Match.

It also shouldn’t be too surprising that cottagers are more likely to be attracted to other cottagers.

Kimberly Moffit, the company’s relationship expert, told Global News that “a lot of research studies show that when we think someone is the same as us, we’re a lot more likely to view them as a romantic partner.”

“One of the first things that’s important when we’re trying to score a first date, is that we identify something in common that we have with the other person,” said Moffit.

In the rest of the provinces, singles are looking for other qualities in a partner: outdoorsy types with a penchant for hiking, a love of Canada’s iconic coffee, and a fan of the local sports team.

In Alberta and Saskatchewan, the most common term is “quadding” and in British Columbia it’s “Grouse,” where singles are evidently looking to climb Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain with a partner in tow.

For singles in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, it’s “Hortons,” although we’d advise against a first date at the coffee shop. Manitobans are most proud of their CFL team, with “jets” coming out on top, and in Northwest Territories it’s all about a work-life balance, with “career” coming out on top.

Meanwhile, Yukon’s most popular word is “folks” and in Nunavut, it’s “adopted.”

As Canada’s only officially bilingual province, it makes sense that New Brunswick’s number one term is “Francais.” In Quebec, it’s “réglé,” which translates to set or stable, meaning Quebecers are ready to settle down. In Prince Edward Island, it’s “harness.” According to Match, “harness racing is a popular P.E.I. pastime, little known to the rest of us Canucks. Canada’s smallest province is home top some of its biggest horse lovers.”