Viral TikTok shares green flags to look for when dating a Canadian

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What do you look for in a potential new partner? As die-hard cottage fans, we’re betting a love of loons and sunsets tops the list. TikToker @jimmerplslikeme has a few more ideas for us—his popular video features green flags to look for when dating a Canadian, and we have to say, a lot of them resonate with cottagers.

Our favourite items on the list: owning a pair of snowshoes, knowing how to tap a maple tree, and how to paddle a canoe.


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If you’re looking for someone with true Canadian spirit, @jimmerplslikeme also says a stash of Canadian Tire money and can rock a Shania Twain song on karaoke night.

We’d add a love of coffee on the dock, knowing how to build an ice rink, and owning a boat to our list.

What are the green flags cottagers should look for when dating each other?

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