Cottagey ASMR to soothe anxiety

ASMR relaxing on a dock at the lake Photo by Song_about_summer/Shutterstock

We’re all stressed these days and could use a little ASMR. If you’re not familiar with the term, it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and has been described as “a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body.” Wouldn’t a little sedative sensation be nice right about now?

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There are millions of ASMR videos online, with lots of whispering, nail drumming, comb rasping, etc. It appears that almost any soft, repetitive sound will elicit a soothing physical and mental response. But we wanted you to experience some calming cottagey relaxation, some anxiety-numbing natural bliss. So here are 10 we found that will help to alleviate your tension.

1. How about eight hours of a quaint country cottage with a wood-burning stove, birdsong, and soft wind chimes?

2. Here’s a 10-hour video of lovely lapping lake water sounds.

3. A lush green forest with a pond and lots of birds singing:

4. A gently flowing mountain creek, with birdsong (one hour):

5. Another forest scene, with birds singing (notice a pattern?), including woodpeckers:

6. 100 minutes of loon calls, anyone?

7. This is an odd one, but very Canadian. It’s 17 minutes of a beaver chewing down a tree:

8. Who doesn’t love a lakeside campfire? Crackling wood, crickets, and even a sunset (four hours):

9. Three hours of a gentle nighttime rainshower? Bring it on:

10. This Love Nature video has a bit of everything: relaxing music, moose and other wildlife, rivers, forests, and, yes, birdsong:

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