Coolers for the cottage


So…hot enough for you? Honestly, with the temps soaring past thirty degrees on a daily basis here in Toronto, I literally feel like I’m going to melt into the sidewalk.

Thank goodness we have the cottage to offer a reprieve from the punishing city heat. A place to take a cool dip, enjoy a cool breeze, and down a cool one. Although many cottage docks boast a beer fridge nearby, some of us still need to go old-school and tote a cooler to keep our drinks and snacks refreshing. Here are a few options to help keep your drinks cool in style.

This Coleman cooler is the classic cottage choice. With a retro vibe, it looks handsome and is a great seat too! ($200, visit for a list of retailers)

Here’s a cooler that’s almost too pretty for your drinks. Made by Peterboro Basket Company in New Hampshire, it’s ideal not just for dock or deck, but would look great as a makeshift side table inside the cottage when not in use. A great idea for small spaces, no? ($84 US,

Want to make sure your cooler remains your own? Put your name on it! This soft case from Cathy’s Concepts comes with an option to monogram. ($26,

If you’re heading down the lake for cocktail hour, a small cooler such as this one, from Erie Drive, is just the thing to have slung over your shoulder. ($37, Erie Drive)

The Chill It Bag stays in the freezer until you’re ready to tote your six pack. Available in a wide variety of colours, and for wine bottles too. ($15, through Amazon)