8 practical coolers for any outdoor enthusiast

This article originally appeared in OutDoor Canada.

Old considerations

To pick just the right cooler for your fishing and hunting adventures, consider where and how you’ll be using it, and how you plan to transport it.


Decide how much food you need to bring, and how long it needs to stay cool. Will you be heading off-grid and needing ice for several days, or can you run into town and restock? Keep in mind that a cooler you plan to expose to the elements needs to be tougher than one that’s always indoors or in your vehicle.


Both metal and plastic hard coolers are very tough, with strong latches and thick insulation; however, they can be bulky and heavy. Soft coolers are light and portable, making them great for long days on the trail or at the stream, but there’s a trade-off in cooling ability.

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