Build your dream cottage—out of gingerbread!

Most of us have had our share of gingerbread-decorating disasters over the years: where there’s icing everywhere, candy pieces that won’t stick, and a design that ends up being, well, less than inspired. But this year, we’re empowering you to switch it up! Instead of making a traditional house, build yourself a gingerbread cottage instead. You can add a roof, a chimney, exterior siding, windows, trees, and even a campfire. Follow these simple and easy tips to make a beautiful, cozy cottage that’s straight out of a winter wonderland.

And remember, the wonderful thing about gingerbread houses is that, much like snowflakes, no two are alike—and they shouldn’t be. Make it your own (or now’s the perfect time to imagine what your cottage could look like), and have fun with it! Our only wish is that this cottage was life-size, or that we were made of gingerbread so we could sit around that toasty fire.

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