How to make a DIY wreath for the holidays

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A holiday DIY wreath is a great decoration to get you in the Christmas spirit at the cottage or nestled at home. Not only are they beautiful, but wreaths are also one of the most historic ways to celebrate the approaching holiday season—the tradition can be traced back to Lutherans in Germany in the 16th century. With this step-by-step guide, we’ll teach you how to make your own dazzling holiday wreath.

Gather the materials

First things first, you’ll want to make sure you have all the proper elements in place to create a holiday wreath. In addition to a variety of boughs of greenery—which you can gather from outside or a local garden centre—you’ll need a wire wreath frame (we like the 18″ size but they also come in 20″, 14″ and itty bitty 8″ frames), 22-gauge floral wire, and pruning shears. While building the wreath, you may want to wear garden gloves to protect your hands. Finally, you’ll need fishing line or a beautiful ribbon to hang the wreath.

Create bundles

Prepare the boughs you’ve gathered by trimming them into appropriately-sized pieces—around 6″ if you’re using a larger wireframe or 3″ if you’re using a smaller one. You should have an array of greenery to mix and match with, such as spruce, arborvitae, winterberry holly and dogwood (you can also purchase artificial holly boughs if need be). Take an array of boughs and arrange them into an attractive bundle. Repeat until you have enough bundles to cover the frame.

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Secure bundles to frame

Attach the floral wire to the wreath frame by securely wrapping it around the frame several times. Do not cut the wire; you will use a single piece of wire to secure each bundle to the frame. Arrange the first bundle according to your liking, then attach it to the frame by wrapping the wire tightly around the bottom of the bundle three times. Repeat this step several times until the wreath is covered in bundles, all of which have all been secured to the wreath form with wire. (Cover the wire using the tops of the greenery to create a visually seamless look.)

Add the finishing touches

To finish the wreath, fill in any gaps in the greenery by sticking additional boughs into the floral wire. Now add any additional decor you’ve decided to use, such as gold holly berries, clip-on birds, or pinecones. Prune off any unsightly pieces to make ensure the wreath is sleek and even. Lastly, cut a piece of ribbon or fishing wire at least three inches long, loop it around and secure it to the top of the wreathe securely. Now you’re ready to hang your wreath!

Admire your handiwork

You’ve managed to make an incredible holiday wreath all by yourself! Bask in the accomplishment by making a hot toddy or pouring yourself a beverage of your choice.

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