Baby beaver makes baffling appearance at Calgary golf course

Baby beaver

Wildlife conservationists were shocked to discover an adorable baby beaver stranded at a Calgary golf course. The kit was found on a hill far away from the water and had an injured tail.

Holly Duvall, the executive director of the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation, told the CBC that she believes the animal was dropped at this unusual location by a predator.

“It’s not normal at this age for beaver kits to be separated from their parents. They’re very bonded.”

The little guy was found on July 27 and is now under the care of Duvall’s organization, where he is thriving. He hangs out in the pool about five times a day—beavers need regular access to water—and has started to groom himself after each visit, which Duvall says is a great sign.

“If all goes well, we anticipate that we’ll have to have him in care for two to three years,” she said.

Duvall is on the hunt for some adoptive siblings to keep the kit company. Unfortunately, there are no other organizations in the province currently housing baby beavers.

In the meantime, the kit is playing and eating a specialty mix of beaver formula and live branches.

“For now, he’s doing really well, and we’re very happy about that,” says Duvall.