Orphaned baby beaver transported from Manitoba to Muskoka

Baby beaver

Earlier this summer, we told you about an adorable baby beaver who was orphaned and found in the Manitoba bush.

Discovered on a trail with his umbilical cord still attached, the beaver was nursed with a bottle by his founders before being brought to the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre near Winnipeg.

But the centre was considered temporary. They were waiting to raise enough money to send him to the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Muskoka, Ontario where there were other beavers for him to interact with.

“It’s important at this stage that they socialize with others their own age,” Howard Smith of Aspen Valley told CTV.

Last week, the beaver made the more than 2,000 kilometre trip to his new home in Ontario.

Next spring, the beaver will be introduced to an on-site pond at the sanctuary, and eventually, he will be flown back to Manitoba to be released where he was found.

To see a video of him when he was first found and being nursed back to health, click here.