Amazing icebergs spotted off the coast of Newfoundland

With a population of 465, Ferryland, Newfound, isn’t the kind of town that sees a lot of traffic jams. But there have been cars lining up there for the past few days thanks to an exciting visitor—a massive iceberg.

Iceberg with helicopter flying by
Photo courtesy of Alyssa Delaney
The Ferryland iceberg. A passing helicopter gives a clue as to the scale of the ice formation.

“It’s the biggest one I ever seen around here,” Ferryland’s mayor, Adrian Kavanagh, told the National Post.

It’s not the only iceberg in the waters off the coast of Newfoundland this month. There have been 480 icebergs spotted in the region, according to Canadian Coast Guard Ice Operations. “Iceberg season” usually comes a month or two from now, but the icebergs recently calved from a larger iceberg near Greenland, leading to the early sightings.

“I have never before seen icebergs this far south in April. We rarely see icebergs on our coast,” wrote photographer Stan Collins of Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, in a tweet.

The iceberg near Ferryland has been causing a particular stir, with hundreds of people coming from near and far to see it towering over the coastline. The appearance of the iceberg is a good sign for the tourism industry in the area, which includes boat tours that go out and give riders a closer look at the bergs.

Photo courtesy of Ian Winter

The icebergs are less beloved by fishers and shipping vessels, which need to change their routes to avoid running into the towers of ice.