New film will try to find Sasquatch in Northern Ontario

Spooky forest

He has been called many things—Bigfoot, Sasquatch—and he could be in your backyard.

Canadian filmmaker Dee McCullay is producing a movie about sightings of the elusive creature in the Lake Superior area. He has an open call for submissions through his Facebook page, where people are sending in their strange encounters.

The reason for his interest in Sasquatch? “I’ve heard the stories. I do believe there are some around here, around Superior, because it’s just a vast area of forest, unexplored,” said McCullay to CBC.

In one account, the creature is described as a “pile of hay” and was supposedly throwing things at the witness. “He could sense the intelligence coming off of it, just like when you’re looking at an animal,” McCullay said.

Ontario has a storied history of Bigfoot sightings, dating back to 1906 in Cobalt, Ontario, where the creature was affectionately nicknamed “Old Yellow Top.” He allegedly wandered the area around the mines, with a light-coloured mane of shaggy hair and a visible limp.

It seems raccoons and bears aren’t the only thing you’ll have to keep in mind this cottage season. Where can we get a Bigfoot-proof bin?