8 out-there pizza toppings you can only find in Canada

Double cheese pizza with pickles Photo by Aleksei Isachenko/Shutterstock

If you order a “Canadian” pizza at any pizzeria, you’ll get a delicious combination of pepperoni, bacon, and mushroom. But this classic trio is only the beginning when it comes to incredible flavour pairings and funky toppings. These are some of the weirdest and most mouth-watering ingredients in Canadian pizza.

Brown sauce

In Nova Scotia’s Pictou County, there’s only one way to eat your pizza, and that’s with brown sauce. Chefs here take classic tomato sauce and add ample amounts of dried oregano, chicken bouillon, puréed peppers, celery, and more until the sauce is reddish-brown.

Deli meat

In Regina, Sask., nobody adds a mere sprinkling of ham to their pies. They pile on a stack of assorted deli meat so thick that round pizzas must be cut into small square slices. Add some green peppers (you have to pay tribute to the Roughriders’ green uniforms!), and you have a phenomenally hearty and tasty mix.

Donair sauce

What do you get when you mix sweetened condensed milk, vinegar, and garlic powder? No, it’s not a dessert recipe gone wrong. It’s the sweet, tangy donair sauce that Maritimers are obsessed with. They add it directly to their pizza with donair meat, onions, and tomatoes, and serve slices with extra sauce on the side for dipping.

Grated pepperoni

Sticking a few round pepperoni slices on a pizza is so old-school. When you have a classic Windsor-style pizza, pepperoni flavour is infused in every bite because it’s grated into tiny matchsticks for maximum crispiness. Add canned mushrooms and locally made mozzarella from the Galati Cheese Company to finish things off.

Korean stir-fry

Korean-style stir fry on a pizza? If it was served anywhere but Edmonton, Alta., we’d be skeptical. But Edmonton, lauded by Condé Nast Traveller as the eighth-best pizza destination in the world, knows what it’s doing. If they say it works, we listen. Pink Gorilla’s stir-fry inspired pizza, with spicy sesame, house-made bulgogi beef, rosemary mushroom, and chowmein noodles, may just be the city’s most creative pizza.

Orange Crush

We know what you’re thinking. But in Sault Ste Marie, Ont., rumours abound that the top secret ingredient in the city’s legendary homemade pizzas is a splash of orange soda. Given that “Soo Italian” cuisine is absolutely revered, we’re inclined to believe they know what they’re doing.


Calgarians know that you must add some pickles to nail the perfect balance of flavours on a pizza. They provide the ideal acidic touch to meld a pizza’s sweet, salty, and creamy elements. This delicious combination can trace its roots to the Calgary Stampede, where it was first offered as a novelty food and the city never looked back.


It’s impossible to talk about Canadian pizza without mentioning pineapple. This love-it or hate-it topping was first added to a pie by Sam Panopoulos, a Greek immigrant who moved to Canada in 1954. He created the first Hawaiian pizza at his Chatham, Ont., restaurant, paving the way for creative pizza chefs everywhere.

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