8 Newfoundland foods you’ve probably never heard of

Close-up of a touton, a fried bread with molasses By stbar1964/Shutterstock

Canada has plenty of regional foods—we all know that poutine is associated with Quebec, and that the Nanaimo bar comes from B.C. But Newfoundland and Labrador is home to some dishes that you’re probably not familiar with—and may not have even ever heard of.

No. 1 Toutons

These small, round, pancake-like pieces of bread dough (also called “damper dogs”) were traditionally pan-fried in pork fat; nowadays butter (or healthier fats) is more common. It’s a breakfast or brunch item, often served with molasses, syrup, or jam. Yum!

No. 2 Cod au Gratin

The name explains it all: cod fillets baked in a creamy sauce topped with cheese and breadcrumbs. Newfoundland has a number of traditional cod dishes, including salt dried cod (No. 3) and crispy cod tongues (No. 4). The tongues are dredged in flour and fried in oil. C’mon! Anything fried is tasty.

No. 5 Scrunchions

These are essentially bite-sized cubes of pork fat, fried until the fat is rendered and the cubes are crunchy. Scrunchions are often served as a side dish (mixed with onions) over fish or fish and brewis (“hard bread”—No. 6).

No. 7 Bakeapples

These berries—also called cloudberries—ripen in August in marshy, boggy areas. They’re delicious in pies and tarts or made into jam.

No. 8 Jiggs’ Dinner

A typical true Jiggs’ Dinner includes salt beef (or other salt meat), root vegetables, and yellow split peas, soaked and boiled for hours.

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