10 new ways to enjoy late-summer lemonade

Purple iced lemonade, selective focus, backlist Photo by Julia Mikhaylova/Shutterstock

Love lemonade? It’s not too late to get your fix this summer. Try one of these irresistible alternatives to the classic combination of lemon juice, sugar, and cold water.

Experiment with seasonal varieties

Want a pink lemonade that’s 100 per cent natural? Whip up a batch of watermelon lemonade by mixing equal parts lemonade and watermelon purée. The bright hue is perfect for girls’ night.

Alternatively, make some apple lemonade that blends summer and fall flavours. A ratio of six cups of apple cider to one cup of lemon juice works well. Your volunteer work crew will love it as they put the finishing touches on that deck repair.

Jazz things up with an international twist

Have you heard about Brazilian lemonade? It’s actually made with limes! To prepare, wash and chop two limes. Put them in a blender (rinds and all) with three cups of water, ½ cup of sugar, three tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, and a handful of ice. Blend, pour through a fine mesh strainer, and serve right away. This is a perfect “fancy” drink to enjoy with your kids when playing board games on a rainy afternoon.

Another delicious option is a Middle Eastern-inspired mint lemonade. Mint is much more than a garnish—muddle a handful of fresh mint from your garden and submerge it in your next pitcher of lemonade.

Make it extra cold

Lemonade ice cream? Yes, please! Add a few tablespoons of frozen lemonade concentrate to any homemade ice cream recipe for a tangy, zesty alternative to vanilla.

A quick alternative is homemade lemonade fluff. Combine a small package of Kool-Aid lemonade crystals (6.5 grams) into a cup of heavy whipping cream and beat until fluffy. Add in icing sugar to achieve your desired sweetness. Use the fluff to top Brazilian lemonade, ice cream sundaes, and late-season fruit salads.

Embrace an adult version

Pre-packaged lemonade cocktails have come a long way since your university years! Here are three cottage-friendly brands to try.

Simply Lemonade’s spiked version of their classic juice brand tastes exactly like the old-fashioned lemonade of your childhood. It’s the perfect balance of sweet sugar and tart citrus, and there’s nothing artificial tasting about it. The strawberry and peach versions are equally good and deserve a spot in your dockside cooler.

Navy Street’s blueberry lemon gin cocktail offers a unexpected pale purple colour and gets high marks for its gentle floral notes and true-to-life fruit flavours. This would be the perfect choice for anyone who wants the convenience of a canned cocktail but craves sophistication.

Finally, the aptly named Cottage Springs offers tetra packs of Half & Half, their take on a boozy Arnold Palmer cocktail. The blend of lemonade, iced tea, and vodka would be delicious when playing cornhole or other lawn games.

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