5 bubbly boozy drinks you should be sipping on this summer

For those who like to indulge in the occasional alcoholic beverage, nothing goes better with a sunny cottage day than an ice-cold refreshing drink on the dock. Light, crisp, and deliciously sippable, seltzers and vodka sodas are the perfect drinks to carry you from happy hour to dinner (and beyond). We taste-tested five Canadian-made canned drinks enjoyed by fellow hosers from coast to coast.

Blue Lobster, Nova Scotia
Lemon Lime (6% alc.)

This East Coast gem is bright, citrusy, and balanced with the refreshing flavours of lemon and lime. Toting the refined bitterness of a gin smash but with a vodka base, this soda has a clean aftertaste with a tart twist. We can see this going down well with some salt and vinegar chips—or lobster—on a sunny lakeside afternoon.

Bangarang, Ontario
Tropical Bellini (5% alc.)

We smelled this one the second we opened the can—promises of tropical fruits and zesty citrus. Sitting somewhere in that Goldilocks zone of sweet yet light, this vodka-based seltzer transports us to a destination slightly more tropical than Muskoka. This beverage is tangy and smooth with notes of peach, pineapple, and mango.

HiJinx, Ontario
Raspberry Lemonade (5% alc.)

This hard seltzer should be called “the illegal lemonade stand” because its classic raspberry lemonade flavour transported us to the many lemonade stands of our youths, minus the vodka—definitely a sweeter option but undeniably yummy. The sour lemon and sweet raspberry combine beautifully in this seltzer, leaving a balanced taste that leans towards decadent. The vibrant cans scream “fun in the sun.”

Sandbagger, Ontario
Pink Grapefruit (5% alc.)

This gin-based hard seltzer is delicious, refreshing yet rich, and mellow in the best way possible—the bright pink grapefruit flavour comes through beautifully. Not too sweet, not too bitter, and not too carbonated, this incredibly drinkable seltzer goes down almost too easy. Don’t worry, no sand included.

The Strait and Narrow, British Columbia
Grapefruit Rosemary (5% alc.)

This canned cocktail is light, carbonated, and goes down easy—and, bonus, it’s low in sugar. Deliciously aromatic notes take over this gin-based beverage. The grapefruit and rosemary give this drink a delightfully unique flavour profile, where the tart grapefruit is complemented by the woodsy undertones of the rosemary, leaving a taste that lingers beautifully.

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