This hemp-infused sparkling water is ideal for hot summer days

Daydream hemp-infused sparkling water Photo courtesy of Daydream

We love a good canned cocktail as much as the next person, but sometimes the sweltering heat requires something a little less boozy and a little more refreshing. This summer, we’ve been on the hunt for new sippers that are taking over the beverage industry. One of the big contenders: sparkling water.

This week, we’re letting you know about Daydream, Canada’s first hemp- and adaptogen-infused sparkling water. So what does that mean? These sugar-free drinks with zero caffeine are full of, well, water, plus a blend of ingredients that work to decrease stress and fatigue—which pairs perfectly with an afternoon spent in the sun on the dock.

So, what is this special blend of ingredients that makes Daydream different than a can of your favourite flavoured sparkling water? There’s hemp extract for balance, schisandra for stress, the antioxidant moringa, and ginseng for memory.

Daydream comes in three flavours: Cucumber Lime, Blackberry Chai, and Peach Ginger. If you’re wondering what one to try, here’s how our taste test went:

Cucumber Lime
This was the first choice because it sounded the most refreshing. Poured into a glass with lots of ice and an extra squeeze of lime, it hit the spot during the 30 degree sunny Saturday. If you’re looking to make it boozy, naturally we think the best option is too add some gin.

Blackberry Chai
Not an overwhelming amount of excitement for this flavour once the can is cracked open. It has a faint smell that prompts memories of Fun Dip (that candy stick you licked and dipped into rainbow-coloured sugar). Although there’s zero sugar, one sip is all that’s needed to decide there’s a sweetness that is too much like candy for a dockside drink.

Peach Ginger
Another winner here. It’s light and easy to drink. Do we want to add bourbon? Yes.

Overall, we think this is a new and trendy option to try if you’re looking for something other than a vodka soda this summer. And while we can’t say we felt the total relaxation properties of the hemp and adaptogens, the fact that you can get fun flavour combinations in your sparkling water makes hydrating a little more exciting than just drinking out of your reusable water bottle.

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