These chips could replace the gravy at your Thanksgiving meal

chalet sauce chips Photo by Shutterstock/Martin Rettenberger

Are you looking to ditch the last-minute gravy rush at your Thanksgiving meal? We’ve got a solution: Lay’s Chalet Sauce potato chips.

Whether you chooser to crush them up over mashed potatoes or simply serve them as a side is up to you. You can grab a bag (or four) right now at your nearest Swiss Chalet restaurant, while quantities last.

chalet sauce chips
Photo courtesy of Lay’s

The flavour first hit the market three years ago and fans have been begging the chip brand to bring back the saucy seasoning. When we heard they were back on shelves, we had to get our hands on a bag.

There is no one who loves chips more than the editors at Cottage Life. We open a bag for just about every milestone celebration, and it’s a requirement that you let us know your favourite flavour when you accept a job here. (Okay, that’s not true, but we will tell you ours without being asked.)

So, how did the Lay’s Chalet Sauce chips stack up to the real deal? Three editors tried them out and this is what they had to say:

Meet the official chip taste-testers

Michelle Kelly, editor-in-chief
Megan McPhaden, managing editor
Marie Waine, editorial assistant

Do you like Swiss Chalet sauce?

Michelle: I love Swiss Chalet. It’s my guilty pleasure (which I have very little guilt about). My go-to order is a quarter chicken dinner with white meat, fries, and extra sauce. The sauce is the best part. As in, there have been times when they have messed up my order and sent BBQ sauce instead and I have demanded my money back.

Megan: I’m a sucker for the sauce.

Marie: Swiss Chalet sauce is the reason to go to Swiss Chalet. 

What are you expecting with this flavour?

Michelle: These will either be super delicious or something awful. Which will it be?

Megan: These things are so hit and miss. I’m tried not to go in with too high of expectations.

Marie: There are so many chips that don’t taste anything like their flavour, so I’m not expecting a lot. I can’t imagine translating a gravy-like substance onto a crispy chip.

What was your reaction after tasting the chips?

Michelle: I think they did a great job bringing that saucy tang to the chip. It tastes the same! But it is high on the salt, taste-wise. So if you aren’t into that, you aren’t into these chips. 

Marie: Well, I was wrong. These taste almost identical to the sauce. But for some reason, I don’t love them. I’ll definitely keep snacking on them, but there isn’t a chip I wouldn’t do that to (except maybe a sour cream and onion). I think the idea of sauce becoming a solid object I now have to bite into is too much for my brain to handle. But Lay’s and Swiss Chalet did a good job of making it taste like the real thing. 

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