Recover from a party weekend with these simple fixes


This article was originally published in the Summer 2016 issue of Cottage Life magazine.

Planning a girls’ weekend at the cottage? A boys’ weekend? Any weekend involving any drinking-age adults? Here’s what you’ll need by Day 3, to counteract the effects of your favourite frenemies: excess booze, junk food, sun, and sloth.

A skin fix

The experts at Pacific Dermaesthetics in Vancouver suggest products containing glycerin (it draws water into the epidermis), cucumber extract, and aloe vera for parched, over-sunned skin. Avoid anything with petroleum—this can trap heat in your skin—or ingredients that end in “-caine” (lidocaine, benzocaine). They can irritate your skin. Of course, the best plan is to avoid getting burnt in the first place.


You can only scarf so many handfuls of cheese popcorn before your gut rebels. Hit up the local farmers’ market—it’s cottage country, those things are all over the place—and bring on those nutrient-dense, water- and fibre-rich fruits and veggies. Good options: scrambled eggs with sautéed veggies for breakfast and Greek-style quinoa salad with celery, tomatoes, and cucumbers for lunch.


When you feel blech, “sometimes doing the last thing you want to do is the answer,” says Janet Perry, a cottager and a Calgary-based nutritionist. “In this case, exercise.” Also incredibly helpful? Sleep. The lake is somewhere you might actually get the elusive eight hours: “I know I sleep like a baby at the cottage from all that beautiful fresh air.” Heck, why not stay another night?


Alcohol—especially combined with the sun—dehydrates the ever-loving hell out of you. Something like coconut water can help to replenish any electrolytes you’ve lost, but “plain old water will do the trick,” says Perry. Don’t chug caffeine—this will dehydrate you further, says Perry, who admits that in her twenties, Diet Coke was the go-to after a party weekend with the girls. “We could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble if we’d just drank water.”