8 winter treats you can improve with booze

It’s winter, so it’s time to indulge in cozy winter comforts: thick socks, big sweaters, evenings in, warm fireplaces, crafting, and eating comfort foods, along with the occasional boozy drink. But what if we told you that those last two items could be combined? It turns out there are plenty of tasty winter foods that can handle a shot (or two) of the hard stuff. In fact, often, a good liqueur can add a spicy kick to a classic treat.

Of course, tossing some red wine or sherry into a stew is a classic move, but no one’s getting tipsy from a hint of wine in your broth. So we’ve found some recipes that use their boozy ingredients to maximum effect. (In other words, don’t snack on these unless you’re of legal drinking age.)

So bring some drunken fruit salad or hard hot chocolate to your next holiday party. It’ll definitely be more of a crowd-pleaser than the usual potato salad and cucumber sandwiches. Happy munching!

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