Alberta man rides Zamboni through Timmies drive-thru

Jesse Myshak Zamboni ride

Jesse Myshak, like many Canadian fathers, decided to build his family a backyard rink this winter. He also decided to invest in a Zamboni so he could keep the ice smooth throughout the season.

The Stony Plain, Alberta resident fixed up his new ice-surfacing machine in his shop, but then had to figure out a way to get it home. The simplest solution? Drive it.

When Myshak told his coworkers of his plan, they convinced him that he should take things to the next level.

“Guys at work were kind of laughing…[they said] to drive through Timmies and get a coffee,” Myshak told the CBC.

So, encouraged by his friends, Myshak decided to make a pit stop during his rather slow drive home.

He pulled into the local Tim Hortons drive-thru on his Zamboni and ordered a hot chocolate (a classic rink beverage). It turns out that the ice-smoothing vehicle is the perfect height for the pickup window.

“People started running out of the Tim Hortons,” Myshak said. “The staff told me it was the most Canadian thing they’ve ever seen, so they all had a good chuckle.”

A patron bought Myshak his drink and many onlookers snapped photos and video.

Hot chocolate in hand, Myshak headed home to tell his family of his adventure.

Photo by Jesse Bulmer/Supplied/CBC
The Myshak family with their new Zamboni

“They laughed that dad drove that through town,” Myshak said of his kids’ reaction. “I’m sure they told their friends at school—I’m almost positive on that.”

While he had fun on his drive, Myshak won’t be taking his Zamboni for another spin anytime soon. He’s a little concerned the local police won’t find it as amusing as everyone else did.

“It’s attracted quite a bit of attention [but] I don’t know if the cops around town like it or not.”

Myshak has been fielding call after call from locals who spotted him on the Zamboni, but there’s one call he’s still waiting for—from Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid.

Myshak is hoping the hockey player will drop the puck at one of his son’s games—and he’s happy to offer a ride on the famous Zamboni in exchange.