7 reasons to rent a portable toilet for your next cottage party

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Are you hosting a wedding or family reunion at the cottage this summer? Put portable toilet rental at the top of your To Do list—right at number one (and number two). 

With the holiday engagement season behind us, and as couples start brainstorming their dream weddings, at some point, the question will come up: “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the wedding at the cottage?” Just imagine: The bride stepping out of the canoe in her flip flops, the groomsmen joking around in swimsuits, the white pines swaying in the backdrop. Oh, and then there’s the lineup forming outside the increasingly fragrant outhouse. Reality is, for most cottages and family properties the one bathroom, or perhaps an outhouse, isn’t enough to serve even a small wedding.

Couples are looking for “intimate weddings in stunning locations that derive meaning in their life and relationship,” says Ashley Hayes, Owner of Lavish Portable Restrooms, a company that rents portable bathrooms in Carp, Ont. “They want their guests to be comfortable and washrooms are one of the keys to comfort and function for any event. Our units can go almost anywhere which is highly appealing.”

If you’re planning a gathering at the lake for the coming season, here are the reasons to consider renting a loo.

1. Don’t let the smell of sewage be your guests’ lasting memory. The very last thing you want to do is overwhelm your septic system when you have your brand new in-laws staying the weekend. “We can pull into the location with onboard water and run off a generator so there is no stress on the well or septic system,” says Hayes. 

2. Keep the lake safe and beautiful: An overtaxed septic system will overflow “nutrients,” to put it delicately, into the lake, damaging water quality for aquatic life, contributing to algae growth, and possibly making the water unsafe for swimming. “The main benefit to our units is that we can pull into the location with onboard water and run off a generator so there is no stress on the well or septic system,” says Hayes. 

3. You can pick the right solution for your situation. There are a whole range of options to consider, from the basic portable toilet you know from music festivals to upscale flush toilets, delivered right on site. Rental companies, such as this one in Utterson, Ont., can suggest units to suit the the length of the party, and the number of people attending.

4. There are off-grid options. Many trailers are powered by generators, which means not only can your off-grid property become a party destination, it frees you up to place your facilities where they work best for you. Some companies, such as this one serving Alberta and B.C., even offers a solar option. 

5. Ensure no lineups. Washroom trailers are available with for really large gatherings—one B.C. company offers trailers with as few as two stalls to as many as 20. 

6. Have an actual bridal shower: Not only can you rent toilets, but some companies such as this one in Hillsburgh, Ont. have showers too. So when your set-up crew is also the bridal party, there’s a place for everyone to clean up without running the well dry. 

7. You can get all the bells and whistles (if you want them): From running hot and cold water, heating and AC, to flat-screen plasma TVs, some “executive” washrooms have more luxuries than most cottages. 

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