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Weekly Hack: quick and easy roof inspection

By Ivonne Wierink/Shutterstock

The key to catching small roof problems before they turn into big ones is regular roof inspection. But don’t bust out the ladder! Steal this home inspector’s trick: use binoculars. Faster, easier, and safer. And they reveal much more than your naked eye: curling, blistered, or cracked shingles; peeling or rusty flashing; a missing vent cap; and moss or lichen growing high on the roof. Plus, they can help you assess the severity of winter problems such as ice dams or blocked vent stacks. Binoculars can even catch if your shingles are losing granules (that gritty layer that adds colour and protects the asphalt from UV rays).  

Low-end binoculars work fine, but the stronger the zoom, the better. No binoculars? The zoom on your smartphone is a decent option.


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