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Weekly Hack: Everyday items for quick fixes

By Light Bulb Studio/Shutterstock

Sometimes, a tricky cottage problem is solvable with a few random items you have in your junk drawer or shed.

Use aluminum foil to fix loose batteries, make plates, scrub rust off tools, or sharpen scissors.

Use clean coffee filters as disposable bowls or funnels, or in place of paper towel, tissue, writing paper, or tp (don’t flush it though).

Use sandpaper to open troublesome jars, smooth out pilled fabric, or clean tile grout.

Use bobby pins as emergency screwdrivers, as chip bag clips, or to hold nails steady when hammering.

Use a hose clamp as a bottle opener, to reinforce a cracked chair leg, or as a harness to keep the wiring on a boat trailer from dragging.

Use candle wax to lubricate sticky zippers, hinges, or drawers, to fill small dings in wood, or as a (temporary) substitute for caulk.

Use fireplace tongs to retrieve items somebody accidentally drops into the outhouse pit. You can also use long barbecue tongs. But you probably don’t want to.

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