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Top window dressings for sun lovers

Window dressings

Everyone loves spending time in a light-filled room. Without natural light, our spirits sink, our eyes ache, and our plants die. We enjoy the way sunshine lights up our lives indoors, but we need privacy as well as protection from its glare and the harsh UV rays that can eventually fade our floors, furniture, and drapery.

“Luckily,” says Sally Morse, director of creative services for Hunter Douglas, there are window dressings that are designed to celebrate the natural light while meeting our practical concerns.

The company’s Silhouette window shadings, with the Signature S-Vane, are just such a product. They feature soft fabric vanes suspended between sheer fabric panels, and the vanes rotate for varying degrees of light control and privacy. When the vanes are open, Silhouette shadings block an impressive amount of UV rays, thanks to the sheer fabric panels. And because they’re sheer, they offer a softened view of the outside while still filtering out harmful rays. When the vanes are closed, they offer superior protection against UV-ray transmission.

Hunter Douglas window coverings
Silhouette window shadings feature rotating fabric vanes suspended between sheer fabric facings for privacy, light and glare control, and UV protection.


If you have sliding doors, Luminette Privacy Sheers, similar in concept to Silhouette shadings with sheer fabrics and fabric vanes but vertically oriented, are a good fit, providing almost the same level of protection.

Alustra Screen Shades are another great option for enjoying the sunshine while minimizing its downsides. They allow the light in and offer view-through, but they also prevent glare and protect your cottage interior from ultraviolet light. When it comes to privacy, an independently operated liner can provide all of it that you need.

These coverings all provide the soft protection of a cloud, but unlike the weather, you have control. For more information, visit, or call 800-265-8000.


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