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These gorgeous sculptures started as driftwood on a beach

Artist Jeffro Uitto has been masterfully creating furniture and sculptures out of wood since he was a teenager. A true artist in every sense of the word, Jeffro now scours the beaches and valleys near his Tokeland, Washington workshop for salvaged pieces of driftwood ready to be transformed into something new.

In what can only be described as an artistic process fostered in care and precision, the sticks, stumps and logs are taken to Knock on Wood, Jeffro’s shop, where he assesses, cures, and then individually handcrafts each sculpture.

While some of the work is commissioned, most of Jeffro’s finalized projects comes from an artist’s intuition, according to his website. Using mostly tools he made himself, Jeffro carves, saws, planes, and eventually ends up with an intricate piece that no one else saw coming from a couple of intertwined branches washed-up on the beach.