10 of the best cold-weather dog breeds

If you’re a fan of colder weather, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a pet that shares your interests.

Typically, dogs with very short coats and little undercoat or body fat (like Greyhounds) do not fare well in winter temperatures, while those with extra fur, extra fat, and extra-strong pads on their feet are—not surprisingly—better at braving the cold. That being said, just because your four-legged friend wears a fur coat doesn’t necessarily mean he loves those below-freezing temperatures as much as he’s supposed to.

While it isn’t recommended that any dog (regardless of breed or genetic disposition) is left outside during extreme cold weather conditions, there are definitely breeds that are better suited to winter conditions than others. Here are 10 breeds that will be by your side as you hike, hunt, trek, or ski through the snow.