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The 2021 Colours of the Year are here!

Prior to the start of a new year, paint brands release their forecast of the trending colours for the following year. It’s perfect timing for cottagers, because fall is perhaps the ideal season to tackle any big paint projects, or you’re likely thinking about the upgrades that you’re planning for next season. Plus, I’m sure we’re all about ready to put 2020 behind us, so let’s think into the future shall we?

P.S. Don’t you find paint colours have the best names? Going through them is half the fun of a paint project. Then when people compliment your walls, you can tell them “Thanks, they’re Diaphanous Sky.”

And remember, when you do finally pop the lid and get painting: read the can. It will tell you coverage guidelines, how to prep, the ideal temperature to paint in, and how long you need to wait in between coats. Also, take your time. If you roll too quickly, too hard, or your roller is too long for the surface, you could end up with bubbles or tiny craters on the finished surface.

Here are some of our favourite colours for next year.

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