Answers to FAQ cottagers have about COVID-19

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As coverage of the pandemic continues to evolve, Cottage Life is making sure readers have answers to FAQ about COVID-19.

Am I allowed to go to the cottage during COVID?

Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam and Ontario Premier Doug Ford are both asking urban residents to stay home to avoid burdening local healthcare systems in rural areas. Here’s why.

Can I rent a cottage during the pandemic?

It varies by province, however, the Ontario government decided to ban short-term vacation rentals during the pandemic. However, there is one exception. Read more here.

Are marinas and boat launches open right now?

The Ontario government ordered marinas to shut down during the pandemic with an exception being made for people who need to access their principal residence. Read more here.

Will I get a fine for going to the cottage if it’s not my principal residence?

According to the Ontario Provincial Police, they have not issued any tickets for non-essential travel because it is not an offence. However, they are reminding people that the Ontario government strongly discourages non-essential travel but has not made it illegal.

Can mosquitoes and black flies transmit COVID-19?

This question was one of the top questions searched on Google. Here’s what the World Health Organization and the Canada Research Chair in emerging viruses at the University of Manitoba had to say about this.

Can my pets catch COVID?

Recent cases show animals can contract the virus. It’s unclear what species are more susceptible than others as human testing is being prioritized. Here’s what the chief of infection control at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College advises for keeping your pet safe.

Because I’m not allowed to access my cottage, will I receive any tax or insurance rebates?

Some municipalities in Ontario are exploring the possibility of property tax deferrals. However, others are closing the door on any tax relief or exemptions. Read more about what one mayor had to say.

Can I have a fire right now?

If you fall within a restricted fire zone (find out if you’re in the zone), then you fall within a fire ban. It comes with a seriously hefty fine if you are caught. However, if you are outside of the zone, then check with your local authorities.

I want to go to my cottage in another province, am I allowed?

If you are traveling across interprovincial borders by car, there’s a very real possibility that you will be stopped at a checkpoint and asked to provide documentation proving that your cottage is your principal residence. If you are unable to produce it, then you could be forced to turn back.

I want to get outdoors, can I visit a national or provincial park?

National and provincial parks have been temporarily closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

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