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Quick DIY fixes you can do one-handed

woman wearing toolbelt Photo by By Innershadows Photography/Shutterstock

Sad, isn’t it? No one’s ever around when you need to fix up the place. If you’re puttering solo, pay extra attention to safety, never work tired or preoccupied, and try these one-handed tips to get by without a little help from your friends.

One-handed nailing
We’ve all tried to juggle nail, board, and hammer simultaneously. Instead, hold the board in place with one hand; drill a pilot hole with the other. Holster the drill, place the nail, and hammer it home.

One-handed tape measuring
If the hook slips off the corner every time you extend the tape, secure it with an awl through the hole near the end.

One-handed plywood toting
Tie about six metres of rope in a loop. Slip the ends over the corners of the sheet and lift. A pry bar hooked under the bottom edge works too.

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