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Cottage Coach Episode 4: Building a floating swim raft

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Mrs. Jackson has wanted a floating raft in her pond for years. Cottage Coach to the rescue!

Materials List for Mrs. Jackson’s 8’x8′ Floating raft:

8 8′ pieces of 2×6 cedar for frame and joists

1 4×4 cedar post for the corners

4 foam-filled dock floats (we used 2’x4’x12″)

Galvanized or stainless steel lag bolts and washers (approx. 6 for each float)

3″ deck screws

Cedar deck boards (we used 18)

Camo screws (1 7/8″) or 2″ deck screws

4 soft corners

4 solar lights

1 ladder

For each anchor: 

Anchor ring

cinder block

galvanized chain

2 carabiners

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