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Cottage Coach Episode 6: Sprucing up a waterfront pergola

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In the season finale of Cottage Coach, Adam refreshes a waterfront deck with a brand new pergola.

Materials for Adam’s waterfront pergola:

4 6x6x10 pressure-treated posts

4 2x6x20 pressure-treated beams

4 2x6x16 pressure-treated beams

13 2x6x16 pressure-treated rafters

4 2x6x8 pressure-treated struts

26 galvanized hurricane ties and screws

4 patio stones for the base of the posts

7 concrete stepping stones

3″ deck screws for toenail struts

4 carriage bolts for the posts

8 lag bolts for the posts (inside)

8 carriage bolts for the beams

Cut-N-Seal sealant for pressure-treated wood

Patio lights

Solar lights


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