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How to bring cottagecore to the cottage this summer

cottagecore girl holds wildflowers in country By Iryna Imago / Shutterstock


Cottagecore is often defined as a romantic notion of country life, rooted in nostalgia and sustainability, but it goes beyond that. It’s a fashion trend (think: floral cotton dresses, braids), a design aesthetic (vintage teapots, doilies, kitschy trinkets), as well as a lifestyle (making your own sourdough and candles).  Enthusiasts describe it as a movement of people longing for a simpler existence in the country.  If you could be happily transplanted into the film Little Women, it’s arguable that cottagecore is likely for you. For a broader history and definition, we went into more detail here.

Here’s how to bring a touch of cottagecore to your cottage, home, or even your downtown apartment.

The Little Book of Cottagecore

little book of cottage core
Photo by Simon & Schuster

Emily Kent’s book teaches you how to incorporate cottagecore activities into your lifestyle no matter where you live. This book includes step-by-step instructions on everything from baking your own bread, making your own soap, to the basics of beekeeping. Get the book at

Embroidery kit

cottage core crosstitch kit
Photo by Stitch Happy

Embrace the art of embroidery (and the cottagecore lifestyle) with this DIY kit that rewards you with a nice wallhanging once you’re done. Buy it at

Wildflower poster

cottagecore poster
Photo by 123Posters

Equal parts educational and essential cottagecore decor, this poster identifies types of North American wildflowers, so you can be well-informed on your next frolic. Buy it at

A tea kettle

cottagecore tea kettle
Photo by CZJBDS

A grandma-approved stovetop tea kettle is the cornerstone of any cottagecore kitchen. Buy this one at

Garden gnomes

garden gnome for cottagecore cottage
Photo by Alpine

Dot your cottage plant life with little gnomes to add a cozy, kitschy feel to your garden. Buy this one at

Scented candle making kit

candle making kit for cottagecore
Photo by Luckies of London

Up the coziness factor while doing a quintessential back-to-basics cottagecore activity. This handy kit includes everything you need to pour your own 100 per cent soy wax candle, including two types of scented oils. Buy it at

A picnic basket set

cottagecore picnic basket set
Photo by Willow & Bee

A countryside picnic is one of the most cottagecore activities you can do. Buy this picnic basket that includes a four-person place setting at

Herbs and flowers

english lavender for cottagecore
Photo by Modern Sprout

Either plant wildflowers and herbs in your garden or use this English lavender planter to bring calming aromatics indoors, too. Buy it at

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