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Here’s how you can seal your woodstove

Woodstove Photo by Anatoliy Eremin/Shutterstock

Every airtight woodstove and fireplace insert has braided fibreglass rope installed around the door edge for a tight seal. Eventually, when it gets brittle or starts falling out, or when closing the air vents won’t throttle back your fire anymore, it’s time to replace the rope.


You’ll pay less than $20 for a new rope gasket and high-temperature adhesive at hardware stores and building centres. Buy more than enough rope to go around the perimeter of your door.

Step 1

When the stove is cold, pull the old gasket out of the groove, then use a putty knife or a slot screwdriver to remove any remaining adhesive.

Step 2

Get help to hold the new rope in the door groove without glue.

Step 3

Then, with scissors, cut the rope precisely to length so both ends meet in the top corner of the hinge side with no gap or overlap. Avoid pulling the rope as you work—The weave should stay full and loose.

Step 4

Remove the rope, brush a generous layer of glue into the groove using a plumber’s flux brush, reinstall the rope, and then close the door and leave it overnight to dry before you start a fire. Your door will seal properly for years.

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