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Stuff we like: The Gyro screwdriver


The simplicity of the screwdriver: Turn it one way, the screw goes 
in. Reverse it, the screw comes out. But add a cordless motor, and suddenly it’s not so simple. Now you’re trying to drive screws while fumbling with switches 
or triggers at the same time. Awkward.     

The $40 Black & 
Decker Gyro four-volt rechargeable screwdriver solves this problem, thanks to a clever trigger and the ability 
to sense hand position. Squeeze the handle, and the motor springs to life. Twist your wrist to the right, and the Gyro drives the screw in. Twist left, it backs the screw out. (The 
farther you twist, the faster it turns.) A handy LED illuminates the bit and helps find screws you’ve dropped.     

For all its intuitive qualities, the Gyro comes with just two bits: a slot and a Phillips. If you use Robertson screws
—and what Canadian doesn’t?—you’ll need more.