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Gorgeous wood stoves you’ll want to curl up near this winter

Whether it’s a tiny cottage tucked in the woods or a sprawling mountainside chalet, no cabin is complete without a wood stove. Not only is it an excellent way to warm things up, but it can add rustic charm to almost any space. When you get a good fire going—you know, the kind that doesn’t require constant care—it emits a warmth that can make stark-white walls as cozy as pine wood panelling.

Installing a wood stove is no small feat, and after considering the additional work required once you get one—chopping wood, removing ashes to avoid buildup, getting your chimney cleaned—you might be wondering whether it’s even worth it.

But after seeing these gorgeous wood stoves and the way they transform the spaces they’re in, we’re sure you’ll be scouting out a location for your own. And hey, if it feels like more of a pipe dream than anything, portable wood stoves, made for houses, sheds, tents, and even backyards, are quickly becoming a reality. And you can bet they’re a lot more affordable too.