Watch this family of lynx frolic in a Sudbury yard

Canada lynx family

Ask anyone who lives in Sudbury, Ontario, what they love about living in the great white north, and somewhere near the top of their list—along with the wide open spaces and non-wretch-inducing real estate prices—will be the spectacular wildlife they see on a regular basis. Point in case is this family of Canada lynx frolicking in a snowy Sudbury yard.

When Belinda Guse and her family where out barbecuing on their deck in the middle of the winter (remember, we’re talking about Sudbury here), a mother and two older cubs padded through the snow beneath them. Luckily Guse is the owner of Reeledge Productions, a real estate videography service, so she was quick with her camera and captured some amazing footage.

The video clearly shows the features that make Canada lynx such spellbinding creatures. Note the tufted ears, thick silver coats, and enormous feet that serve as snowshoes. Lynx are typically shy and nocturnal, and they prefer to stay close to the tree line, where they hunt snowshoe hare, their favourite prey. So to see them in broad daylight like this is a rare treat.