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Give old garden tools a new life with these DIY spring projects

3 garden tool upcycle projects

With spring nearly upon us, it’s time to get outside and clean out those sheds and garages. Sorting through and purging what you no longer need is like a breath of fresh air and a great way to start the season off right. As you begin to clean, you will come across tools that are broken.  Before they end up in the trash though, take a moment to see if they can be used in a new way with a new purpose. Here are a few DIY ideas that will put our old garden tools to good use while making your space more functional and attractive at the same time.

Leaky pails can become plant holders

What better way to give your space a farmhouse feel than to turn your old tin pails or buckets into plant holders. For this DIY spring project, you will need two pails and a piece of reclaimed wood for this project. Your piece of wood should be wider than the pails or buckets and about double the length when they are stacked one above the other.

To make the planter, decide where you would like your pails to hang on the wood and be sure to leave enough room for the plants. To attach your pails to the wood, drill several holes in each one close to the upper edge. Use a wood screw through each hole to attach the pails firmly to the wood. Hang your new farmhouse planter in a sunny spot, either inside or out, and fill each pail with a beautiful plant.

Turn an old rake into a herb garden 

Even the smallest space can have a lovely herb garden and using a vintage rake is a great way to keep your savoury seasonings close by. To make your rake easy to stick in the ground, start by sawing off a small piece of the handle at an angle to create a point. Turn the rake upside down and push the pointed end into the soil. Loop two macrame hangers from the tines of the rake and fill each with a glass jar and your favourite herbs. You now have fresh, tasty herbs to use any time you’d.

DIY spring wreath with a broken pitchfork

Even a pitchfork can be turned into colourful DIY spring decor. Begin this project by thoroughly cleaning the head of a pitchfork with soap and water. Next, wrap the handle with thick jute twine and secure it in place with hot glue. Add a loop of twine to the back to make hanging it easy. Finally, add a variety of gorgeous faux succulents to finish off your new spring wreath. Hang and enjoy this cheery piece all season long.

Check out more creative DIY and repurposing projects on Lisa’s website and in her new book Recreated Designs: Cottage Projects With a Vintage Flair.

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