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Easy DIY fence bar project for under $120

You have to really like your neighbours in order to do this DIY fence bar project.

When social distancing became mandatory, Marty Silverstri and his neighbour Shaun Vincent were forced to think of a creative way to socialize safely. What they came up with is a super easy, and affordable DIY fence bar.

“One night my wife was on Facebook and she happened to see a video of this fence bar and thought she had tagged the neighbours in it,” Silverstri explained.

“The next morning we were outside talking to them,  and they asked if we saw this post.”

Silvestri and Vincent decided to put their own spin on the project by building it so both sides folded down into a floating bar. They turned to Vincent’s handyman father for help with the project and he sent them a list of supplies they would need to make it happen.

All in the project cost just under $120 for brackets, lumber and some chains. Within 4 hours their outdoor fence bar was up and running.

“Since we posted it, we’ve been getting tonnes of comments and people asking if it’s an easy project to build,” he said.

There were even comments from people lamenting and wishing “they had neighbours that we would like to hang out with.”

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