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Cottage Coach’s must-have Amazon Big Deal Day tools and accessories

Amazon tools

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Cottage Coach Adam Holman is CL’s resident DIY expert and he relies on having tools in his workshop that get the job done. Here are some tools and accessories that he uses on a regular basis at home and at the cottage, along with a few items on his Christmas wishlist.

Bosch 9-piece titanium drill bit set 35% off ($19)

Why he likes it: These quick-release bits snap right into my impact gun.

Bosch 14-piece jigsaw blade 48% off ($15)

Why he likes it: It’s safer to use a sharp blade when cutting. Dull blades take longer to cut and can be dangerous.

Dewalt screwdriver bit set 21% off ($56)

Why he likes it: This bit set is a staple in every toolbox.

Irwin one-handed bar clamp 32% off ($28)

Why he likes it: You wouldn’t believe how often I use these. It always helps to have an extra hand.

Carbon monoxide plug-in alarm 16% off ($29)

Why he likes it: Safety first! If you have one already, be sure to check it at least once a year.

Smart deadbolt lock with keypad 20% off ($200)

Why he likes it: I have this exact model in my house and we absolutely love it. No more keys!

Telescopic ladder, 10.5 feet 23% off ($85) 

Why he likes it: I wouldn’t trade my telescopic ladder for anything. It’s portable, easy to store, and strong. The only thing I would consider is getting the longer 20-foot version.

3M Hearing protector with Bluetooth 15% off ($78)

Why he likes it: I personally don’t have the Bluetooth ones but these are on my Christmas wishlist.

Outdoor solar lights, six-pack 20% off ($39)

Why he likes it: These are great for the backyard or cottage because they are wireless.