Editor’s picks: 21 cottage necessities you should refresh on Amazon Prime Day 2023

cottage necessities on a orange ombre background including a vacuum, water cooler, and beach towels

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Whether you are a long-time cottage owner or you’re relatively new to the lake, filling a cottage with all the necessities can be costly and time-consuming. And we, as cottagers, have a tendency to look at things with a “good enough” attitude. Maybe it’s the mattress that you re-homed from your childhood bedroom circa 1979 or the well-loved bath towels from 1992 that are so faded you’re not even sure what colour they were originally. The point is, some of these things that you use season after season do need to be replaced eventually, particularly if you’re actively renting out your cottage. So why not pick them up on sale? If you want that five-star review and repeat renters, don’t subject them to jersey sheets in the middle of a heat-wave. Here are 21 of the best cottage necessities that are on sale on Amazon Prime Day 2023.

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