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9 DIY dog beds to keep your pooch comfortable at the cottage

Dog bed

We all want our precious pups to have comfortable, cute places to sleep, but store-bought dog beds can be boring, impersonal, and often overpriced. The good news is that making your own is much easier than it sounds. By repurposing old or broken materials, like sweaters, milk crates, and end tables, you can transform junk into Fido’s favourite nap time oasis. What better way to show your pooch how much you love him! These DIY dog projects are great starting points to get your creative juices flowing.

Pool noodle bed

In an earlier article on pool noodle hacks, we highlighted a super easy dog bed project involving an old sweater, pool noodles (of course!) and some padding. Simply thread a pool noodle through the arms of your old shirt, fill the body of the shirt with comfortable padding (sheets, pillow, whatever you have on hand) and duck tape the ends of the pool noodle together to form a circle.

Suitcase bed

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If you’ve got a small- to medium-sized dog, this vintage suitcase project from Ruche is a great way to craft them a stylish sleeping pad. Just empty out an old suitcase, take some foam, and cover it with your fabric of choice (something that speaks to your pet’s personality) and place the foam in the bottom of the suitcase. You can even stuff some of the suitcase compartments with dog toys for easy access. If you add a wooden post in each corner, you can actually stack another suitcase on top and make bunk dog bunk beds!

End table bed

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If you’ve got an old end table you’re thinking of ditching, try repurposing it into a luxurious four-poster dog bed. Flip the table upside down, paint and re-finish the wood to give it more character and pad the underside with something soft and comfy. Your dog will be taking 5 star naps in no time.

Retro TV bed

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Think back to a time before flat screens, when TVs were also fancy furniture pieces. Seems like forever ago doesn’t it? But if you still have a retro TV set collecting dust in storage, now’s the time to break it out and try something fun. Endorsed By Igor, outlines how you can remove the television from the furniture piece, clean out all the wires and repurpose it as a swanky dog suite.

Crocheted bed

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Arts & Craft lovers will adore this project from The Thrifty Couple. All you need to make your dog a cozy sleeping nook is a pile of old sweaters. Cut them up into strips and crochet them back together using the method outlined on the website. Unless you’ve got a ton of patience and are really into crochet projects, this one is probably best for teeny tiny pups.

Crib mattress bed

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Big dogs can do a lot of damage to their pricey beds, but you can put one together on the cheap using an old crib mattress and a plastic zippered mattress cover. It’s the perfect DIY project for dog owners who like to keep it simple. No sewing, no hammering and no assembly required. This is a great bed for large dogs who need room to spread out.


Wagon bed

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Another super simple project, this pet bed makes use of an old toy wagon. The transformation is quick—remove the wheels, create a pillow insert, and apply some padding to the bottom of the wagon so the metal won’t scratch your floors. You could also leave the wheels on and push your pup around the house to keep an eye on him when he’s napping.

Drawer bed

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Tiny dog lovers will flip for this super cute dog bed concept using old drawers, courtesy of The concept is fairly simple: place comfortable padding inside old drawers and invite your little lap dogs to curl up inside. But it’s the personalization that takes it to the next level. By painting the drawers, you can create something rustic, modern, goofy or whatever style speaks to you. The creator of this project added numbers for her dogs, but you could engrave your dog’s name or draw an endearing picture that reminds you of your spoiled canine.

Milk crate bed

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This gorgeous rustic dog bed from Crafted Niche is made from an old-fashioned milk crate. Just cut out the milk bottle fittings (using a saw if you have to) and add a removable cushion. If you can’t get your hands on an antique milk crate, a wine box will also work nicely.