8 must-have items for your cottage dog

Doggy pool

Is there anything more joyful than the smile on your pup’s face when he launches himself off the dock into the lake? Or maybe your pooch isn’t the water-loving type, but she loves a good hike through the trees, sniffing and scratching and exploring.

Cottage dogs are special creatures and they deserve some special gear. Here are some of our top picks to help keep your dog happy and healthy at their home away from home.



Photo by Buff

If you do anything outside, chances are you own (or you’ve seen) people with the endlessly versatile Buff. Now, the popular neck-warmer/headband/substitute hat is available for your dog in two sizes. Some versions even have reflective strips for nighttime visibility. More info: buffusa.com

Mountainsmith K9 Backbowl

Photo by Mountainsmith

You love camping with your four-legged friend, but you’re not so keen on carrying a bulky plastic food bowl. This foldable, PVC-free bowl will hold food or water, and rolls or folds down to almost nothing. Plus, it lays flat for either drying or packing. More info: mountainsmith.com

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Photo by GoPro


Get a dog’s-eye-view of the world with this canine-friendly camera mount. Two options for camera placement—the chest or back—are included with the harness, which is fully adjustable to fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds. The harness is durable, soft, and washable—perfect for running, jumping, playing, and swimming. More info: gopro.com

D-Fa Float Doggy

Photo by D-fa Dogs

If you’re going to take your dog in the boat, you need to make sure he or she is protected in case they fall overboard. Dogs are good swimmers, but they’re not built to stay in the water forever. This secure, comfortable floatation harness also gives you something to grab onto to help Fido back in the boat. More info: d-fa.com

Pet First Aid Kit

Photo by RC Pet Products

The cottage is full of joys for an outdoor-loving doggy, but all that outdoors can be hazardous, too. If Spot hurts himself, this handy first aid kit can help you bridge the gap between your pup’s injury and getting to see a vet. The kit, which is bright orange and easy to see in the dark, contains bandages, sterile gloves, gauze.and—probably most useful—an instruction manual. Consider adding in a pair of tweezers to be extra prepared for just about anything. More info: rcpets.com

Bumi Tug Toy

Photo by Būmi Tug Toy

Does your doggy love to play fetch? Does your doggy love to swim? Combine the two pastimes with this floating, flexible throw toy—perfect for tug-o-wars and just plain ol’ chewing. Bumi’s bright colours make them equally easy to spot on sparkly lakes and in tall grass. More info: westpawdesign.com

Doggy Swimming Pool

Photo by Cozy Winters

Sometimes Rusty just doesn’t want to paddle in the lake, but that’s no reason he can’t cool down anyway. Unlike regular kiddy pools, this scratch-proof puppy pool will hold up well against claws and teeth. Available in paw or bone shapes, the pools feature easily removable plugs to allow for easy drainage. More info: cozywinters.com

Frontgate Pool Float and Lounger

Photo by Frontgate

If your dog’s not an enthusiastic swimmer but still like to be close to the water, this floater is perfect. This puncture-resistant lounger—which works in the water or on the deck—comes in three sizes. If you dampen it all over, it provides a cool place for your pup to relax. More info: frontgate.com