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5 ways to boost the efficiency of your cottage kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in your cottage that is supposed to be as beautiful and clean as it is functional and organized. In a kitchen where you may not have much space, achieving this balance can be much tougher than it sounds. Old cottages with strange layouts or cabins with no storage can make everything look very cramped very quickly if you aren’t careful. Lucky for you, we have figured out how to make the most out of these tiny nooks and crannies.

Here are 5 ways to boost the efficiency of your cottage kitchen:

Use your wall space 

Making your cottage run like a well-oiled machine means understanding that wall space is your best friend, particularly if you’re in a small space. In the kitchen, there are endless space-saving and utensil-holding devices that can be fashioned to the wall or hung from the ceiling, but some work much better than others. One of the best uses of ceiling and vertical space is a rack to hang pots and pans, and a chef-style magnetic strip to hang sharp knives and metal utensils. These are both things that don’t typically fit well (or safely) into standard drawer, cupboard and cabinet spaces and if they’re well-placed—knife station by cutting boards, pot rack by stovetop—you will be wondering where they have been all your life.

Introduce a small workspace

An island is one of the best additions to any kitchen, if you can afford the space. Some of the best are extremely multi-purpose, and incorporate storage, seating, appliances and counter space all in one. A great idea is a portable island on wheels that has a designated ‘live-in’ space under the counter, but it can roll out to provide extra counter space.

Open it up

Open shelving is a great look if you pull it off right. By either removing cabinet doors or installing new bare shelves, the kitchen automatically has a more open feel and can seem wider, deeper or longer based on the new space that lingers between the shelf and the wall (this works particularly well if the shelves are a different colour than the walls behind them). The shelves are great for display purposes and are super convenient for grabbing frequently used items or dish ware.


Make the most of your storage

Anyone who has tried to fit more than one stockpot into a cupboard knows that basic kitchen cabinets aren’t exactly the greatest spot to keep a bunch of differently-sized pots and pans organized. For better results and some space-saving benefits, insert pull-out drawers in your kitchen cabinets. Shallow drawers can be used for pans, while deeper drawers can be used for anything from pots to pantry items. The drawers pull out all the way, so you’ll be sure to never find a random forgotten can of soup in the back of your pantry again.

Get creative with outlets

In these days of technology running everything, it’s hard to be anywhere without knowing where the nearest outlet is. Whether you want to add some new outlets for easy use of appliances or to ensure you can check in at any time, there are a lot of innovative placements that are happening. Most are seen under the upper cabinets, at the back of small drawers for charging stations or hidden around kitchen islands.

Double up when possible

If your cramped cottage kitchen is short on counter space, having a countertop microwave and full oven can make for frustrating food prep. The fix? Get the best of both worlds with a compact “speed microwave oven,” which combines the cooking qualities of a conventional oven with the convenience of a microwave.