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3 DIY decor projects to make this Thanksgiving

fall leaf candle holder Photo by Lisa Silwerbrand

With sunny days and chilly nights, there is no denying that fall is officially here. It’s the time of year that allows us to cozy up and remember all we are thankful for; the great people, fun times, and delicious food we have enjoyed. As the leaves continue to change and the days get shorter, celebrate fall and Thanksgiving with these three easy DIY decor projects.

The glow of fall leaves

There is nothing as beautiful as the colours around us in the fall. Preserve the colourful leaves and enjoy them all season long with this leafy candleholder.

Maple leaves and candle holder for craft

1. Collect a variety of fall leaves in different sizes and colours.

ironing leaves for DIY

2. Lay the leaves between two layers of wax paper. Cover the wax paper and leaves with a paper towel and iron the leaves until they are flat and dry.

leaves on a candle holder

3. Spray each leaf with a thin layer of adhesive and arrange them around the glass. Once all the leaves are in place, carefully brush on a layer of Mod Podge to seal the leaves.

fall leaf candle holder

4. Place a candle inside the holder and enjoy the glow and the beauty of the leaves.

Be Thankful and grateful

This rustic DIY decor sign will feel right at home in any space while gently providing a reminder that there is so much to be both thankful and grateful for.

carving in wood sign

1. Start by staining a piece of wood dark brown and print the words “be thankful, be grateful” in a script that has simple, block letters.

2. Rub a piece of chalk over the back of the printed paper and arrange them on the wood.

3. Trace over each letter and then remove the sheets. The chalk will leave an impression of the letters that can be used as a guide.

4. Cover each letter with hot glue and a piece of thin cord or rope.

finished DIY thanksgiving sign

5. Add small wooden leaves to give the sign a fall feel and hang it where it can be seen daily.

Celebrate the season

Give your Thanksgiving table a homespun feel with these oversized pumpkin napkin holders. Make this DIY decor ahead of time so they are ready to go when the big day arrives.


1. Wrap thick jute twine around three of your fingers approximately 10 – 12 times and then gently remove the bundle.


2. Slide a piece of floral wire through the middle of the bundle and twist the wire to secure the twine loops together. Make three to four of these bundles.


3. Place the bundles in a circle and slip a piece of twine through the middle of each bundle and tie tightly. Separate the twine loops to create a pumpkin shape.


4. Add a twig stem in the centre of the circle and a thin piece of twine under the pumpkin to use for tying the pumpkin to a napkin.

pumpkin-napkin-holder on fall table

5. Make one pumpkin for each guest and enjoy your time around the table.

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