16 songs for the perfect dock day

By Braden AlexanderBraden Alexander

Give Me Long Days

Photo by Braden Alexander


Any cottager knows that the very best days are those when the grass is cut, the cabin is tidy(ish), and any major projects are either finished or finished enough for the time being. Because on those days, there’s nowhere else to be besides on the dock by the water, watching the day float on by.

Kids may join you for a dip in the lake. Friends may join you for a drink in the shade. But all you’ve got to do is plunk down and practice the ancient art of doing nothing. Consider this playlist your partner-in-crime: 16 sunny songs for the perfect dock day. The less you get done on a day like that, the better.

Give Me Long Days from Cottage Life on 8tracks Radio.

Track list:
1. Brooke Fraser – Something in the Water
2. Alexander – A Million Years
3. Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
4. Miike Snow – Song For No One
5. Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason
6. Mariah Carey – #Beautiful feat. Miguel
7. VV Brown – Shark in the Water
8. Solange – I Decided
9. The Archies – Sugar, Sugar
10. Nuno Bettencourt – Pursuit of Happiness
11. Joni Mitchell – All I Want
12. Jack Johnson – Better Together
13. Ray LaMontagne – For The Summer
14. The Weepies – I Was Made For Sunny Days
15. Bon Iver – For Emma
16. Otis Redding – The Dock of the Bay


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Jun. 20, 2013

1:18 pm

Totally agree with GLBC and don't forget to use your indoor voice too. Sometimes i think people need hear aids but won't admit it. Another Grumpy old man.


Jun. 20, 2013

9:06 am

Those are some great tunes: 1. if you're wearing headphones 2. if you're on your own with no neighbours around 3. if your neighbours aren't standard suburban-like lot size away 4. the volume is kept to a personal level - remember though that sound travels easily across the water I don't want to hear YOUR music when I'm out lazing around enjoying the cottage. Even if I might like what you're playing, keep it to yourself please. I just may not want to be listening to music right then to have it imposed on me. If someone is within earshot of your volume then YOUR music is instrusive to THEIR "quiet enjoyment". Yeah I know grumpy old man what're y'gonna do. It's called respect for others. Great tunes though :)

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