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Why high-quality winterization is worth the investment

Father and daughter cooking marshmallows by the campfire at their cabin in the woods

We all know that Canadian winters can be harsh. But they’re especially hard on a rural vacation property when you’re not there to monitor the damage. That’s why it’s worth it to protect your cottage—including assets like boats, pools, hot tubs, and RVs—from common water-system woes with top-of-the-line winterization solutions from WINTERPROOF™.

Formulated in Canada, the ready-to-use products from WINTERPROOF™ are compatible with both plastic and metal pipes and will keep your waterlines, pipes, and seals lubricated and protected, in temperatures as low as -50˚C. WINTERPROOF™ offers an all-purpose antifreeze, as well as specialty products that are formulated for use with boats, recreational vehicles, and pools. This winter, you can avoid many costly headaches by investing in WINTERPROOF™ products for your water systems. From burst pipes to damaged valves and seals, here are some of the issues that can arise when you don’t use the right plumbing antifreeze products. 

Cottage plumbing cracks

Frozen pipes can lead to cracks and other pricey plumbing nightmares. Water System Antifreeze from WINTERPROOF™ is made especially for cottage properties. In fact, the brand’s BurstGuard -50˚C Guarantee means that you won’t have to worry about pipes and waterlines cracking or bursting for up to a year—which means extra peace of mind throughout the winter season.  

Burst waterlines in your cottage water system

The right antifreeze can protect your cottage water system against bursts and cracks for the entire winter season. WINTERPROOF™ can be used with both plastic and metal pipes, and offers valuable lubrication for seals, pipes, and waterlines, blocking condensation from reaching those parts and preventing issues like rust and corrosion from developing later on. 

Damaged drain valves and seals in your RV

Not properly winterizing your recreational vehicle before winter can mean expensive repairs to valves, seals, and pipe traps come spring. After you fully drain your vehicle’s plumbing system, a single application of the specially formulated, newly launched RV Water System Antifreeze from WINTERPROOF™ will keep pipes and parts lubricated and protected. 

Split lines and cracked engine parts in your boat and personal watercraft

To prevent serious damage to your boat over the winter, you’ll need to drain everything and carefully prep engines, tanks, plumbing parts, and more. You’ll also want to have the new, easy-to-use Marine Water System Antifreeze solution from WINTERPROOF™ on hand. It’s designed for boats and personal watercraft, and can safely protect engine parts, plumbing lines, and more from cracks, rust, and corrosion. Plus, the formula is alcohol-free and not flammable. 

*Damage to buried pool lines

Back in the city, it can be a lot of work to winterize an inground pool. Typically, you’ll need to check for leaks, clean the filter and ensure that the water chemistry is just right. Then you’ll want to blow out your pool lines to prevent freeze damage—or you may be seeing burst pipes and cracked parts when things thaw out. An application of Pool Water System Antifreeze from WINTERPROOF™ can protect pool parts and equipment against issues like cracks, rust, corrosion, and more.

Learn more about reliable winterization at winterproofprotects.ca