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Try these 2 super cedar cottage DIY projects

Cedar privacy nook project Cedar privacy nook project

Looking for a weekend project? Here are two that are easy to build and will look great at the cottage built with Western Red Cedar. DIY TIP: Check to see if your local cedar dealer has short lengths in stock. This could provide cost savings.

Project 1: Privacy Nook

Build this stunning stand-alone seat for a cozy getaway spot at the lake. It also works great as a divider for defining space in large outdoor areas. The plans are straightforward, making this an easy DIY weekend project, and the design is appealingly modern, warm, and inviting. Use knotty cedar for a rustic look or clear cedar for a more contemporary style. Jazz up your finished nook with a string of lights, blooming hanging flowerpots, or colourful throw cushions.

DIY cedar cooler bar
DIY cedar cooler bar

Project 2: Cooler bar

Get ready for a party with this stylish deck bar with a built-in cooler, a work station, and storage space. You can assemble it in a weekend and add casters to make it mobile. Your guests will love the convenience, and you’ll get all the praise. Cheers!

What’s great about Western Red Cedar and why you should use it in your next DIY project?

A classic Canadian look that’s never out of style and goes beautifully with the cottage setting.

Nothing feels like, looks like, or smells as good as Western Red Cedar.

Easy to work with: cedar is sturdy, versatile, and lies flat and straight.

Ages naturally to a weathered patina, or able to take a wide range of finishes.

Superb as a decking material, especially because it stays cool underfoot.

Because of its all natural rot and insect resistant properties, cedar is low maintenance, long lasting, and affordable.

Comes in a wide variety of dimensions, surface textures, and grades, so is adaptable to virtually any project or desired effect.

Lightweight with minimal shrinkage.

The greenest option: sourced from 3rd-party certified, sustainably managed forests; renewable and biodegradable; has a smaller carbon footprint than composites.

You’ll find project plans, how-to videos, and tons of ideas for these cottage builds and many more at realcedar.com.

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