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Top features that make a whole-home rental stand out

Most cottage renters love access to water and a breathtaking view. But there are many other key features and amenities that can help make your vacation home stand out to prospective guests and inspire new bookings.   

Here’s what makes for a Vrbo Canada listing that gets renters’ attention.

A great location 

If you have a waterfront property located in an in-demand area of cottage country, you’ll want to highlight that in the listing. But don’t forget to include other relevant location details like its proximity to town or if it’s near a region. Get detailed about the location. 

Competitive rates

You’ll want to price your rental competitively, because cost is the most important deciding factor for many travelers. The best way to determine things like base rate pricing and discounts for your vacation home is to use Vrbo’s exclusive MarketMaker online tool. MarketMaker can give you the real-time information and valuable insights that you need for making pricing decisions, including supply-and-demand data, occupancy forecasts and even events happening in the area that might impact bookings. 

Inspiring photos

For many renters, it’s the featured photo that will help them decide whether or not to click and learn more about a specific listing. Having a clear, well-lit shot that shows off your vacation home’s best feature—perhaps the cottage exterior, the lake views, or the saltwater pool—is key. Then, you’ll want to include at least 24 other high-resolution photos that showcase the interiors, exteriors, and top amenities. Be sure to declutter and tidy up before taking any photos, and wait for a sunny day for good natural lighting.  

Premier Host Status 

Premier Hosts on Vrbo consistently offer guests an exceptional experience, and their listings are prominently labelled on the search-results page for easy identification. In order to become a Premier Host, you have to achieve and maintain good review ratings, a high booking-acceptance rate, and a low cancellation rate. 

Pools and hot tubs

When travelers are searching for the perfect vacation rental, many are using filters to narrow down the results. Beyond beach or lake access, many are seeking out properties with a pool or hot tub that they can enjoy during a getaway with family and friends. If your cottage has either amenity onsite, consider making it available to your guests and highlighting that information in the listing.  

Nearby activities

On Vrbo, travelers can search for vacation homes near specific activities, including shopping, museums, fishing, tennis and rock climbing. The list is fairly comprehensive, and you may want to do some research to see what is now available in your area. If there may be new attractions and activities that would be of interest to prospective renters, you should include them in your listing details. 

Pet friendly

According to a recent survey, 58% of Canadian households have at least one dog or cat. For travelers that want to bring their pet on vacation, a whole-home rental that not only allows pets but is pet-friendly would stand out. If you have pet toys or a dog bed available for use at your cottage, add it to your listing.


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